Introducing the Ultimate Alloy Tray

Are you looking for a fully welded heavy duty tray but don’t want the weight or rust issues of a steel tray?


A heavy-duty tray built to handle the roughest tradesman, handyman or recreational enthusiast, whilst being relatively unaffected by saltwater, fertilizers, and the majority of chemicals?


A tray manufactured from 100% Australian materials and produced without the plethora of bolts and steel hinging systems that hold steel trays together that will inevitably rattle and rust?

Alloy trays are significantly lighter than the steel equivalent, it’s an ideal choice to increase your payload without affecting your vehicle’s (gross vehicle mass) GMV.

If strength, ease of use, appearance and true quality count, Ultimate Alloy Industries are the ideal company for you. Sourcing the best quality materials and components that won’t rust and does not require painting ensures years of trouble-free use.

Previously aluminium trays were unable to compete with the steel trays on the market, now, there is a product which matches the strength and durability of steel.

We work with and are extremely proficient in the use of aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel.